Welcome to Motherboard BiosflashUK, the premier solution to PC/LAPTOP system motherboard BIOS repair.

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Use this site for help and info on all bios related repairs, if you already know what you require go straight to the shop and place your order.

You have probably arrived at this site, due to your system being unable to POST(i.e. system powers on, with fans spinning etc, but no video output to the PC/LAPTOP connected screen), this is usually due to a failed BIOS update (i.e. virus, incorrect BIOS file, mains fail, network fail, and many other reasons), even if you have acquired a motherboard/system in this state, with these symptoms we always start at the BIOS(i.e. reprogram or replace BIOS chip with new programmed verified code),90% of these faults are BIOS related.

Help is now at hand :-)

I can supply a new chip with a new BIOS and get your PC/LAPTOP motherboard up and running again, fast and efficiently, saving you time and money!