Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most

common questions visitors to our Web site may have.

If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please Contact us.

Q.Will the BIOS Chip come programmed with the latest BIOS for my Mainboard

Yes in most cases the replacement programmed part will be programmed with the latest bios available from the Motherboard maker.
The only exceptions to this are boards made by makers that have gone into receivership, or for boards that actually require an  earlier version for CPU support.

Q. How long does the service take?

Most work is turned around the same day, you can usually expect delivery within, 48hrs after the online purchase date or receipt of devices

Q. What is the most common reason for BIOS failure?

Incorrect BIOS file used for upgrade/power failure during upgrade.

Q.How do I pay for my item ?

A.We only accept Payments from international buyers via Paypal. Paypal/NOCHEX also process any credit card payments made  through our web site. UK customers can pay with paypal/nochex and also pay by Postal order or personal cheque. We can also send a paypal request for items not on our pages

I have not received my item what happens now ?

A.Please allow at least 7 days for delivery. If you live outside the U. K. then first mail can take much longer. We post most things by first class Royal mail, unless requested to do otherwise.
Customers Located outside the E. U. are advised to use International Signed for delivery as standard shipping will not be insured against loss


Q. What happens if my board doesn't work with the new part

A.Try clearing CMOS if this  doesn't resolve the issue you can send both your chips back to me I  will verify with you that we have the correct BIOS codes for your board. Our first step is to program the two EEPROM with earlier BIOS codes.
If you still have a no boot situation with an earlier BIOS code and we are using the correct code, then its highly likely that your board, CPU or other hardware has a problem.